Anguilla, British West Indies (2016)

Anguilla, British West Indies (2016)

Academic Writing

Charmed, Yet Complicated: Exploring Representations of Women within the Hit TV Show (Gender & Communication)

"With such massive viewership, it is evident that the images of Charmed have either influenced or generated conversation about its empowered, yet fragile lead female characters.The series tackles many of the struggles in regard to love, careers, family and living a “normal” life. While discussing these themes and struggles, women are not portrayed in a unique manner; this television show constantly relies on stereotypes of women to add fuel to its plot. Although Charmed is a lovely series, it lacks in the department of non-problematically representing family connections and relationships, independence, sex, and women of color."


Chechnya: Cross-Cultural Reportings of a Crisis (Media Law and Ethics)

"The blame for these horrific acts of torture and violence has been pinpointed on the government of Chechnya, a former Soviet State which is now a republic of Russia. According to the 2010 Russian Census as published by CNN, this tiny country has a population of almost 1.3 million. Despite a multiple-decade battle with Russia for its independence, Chechnya is still subjected under Russian rule, but has gained the right to “run its own affairs” (Golodryga). Its mother nation has also been under attack for human rights violations particularly with queer people. In 2013, Russia passed an anti-gay propaganda law which hopes to minimize “promotion of non-sexual behavior” to minors (Gale). This shows the type of environment that Russia keeps for its mainland, and its states (including Chechnya). To further prove the toxicity of this nation and its subjects, some argue that “In a country that increasingly punishes the “other” and where violence against select groups and individuals is often tolerated—and even encouraged—by the state, there’s become no greater target than being LGBT,” (Fitgerald). This offers context to the current climate in this Russian-policed territory."