Lisbon, Portugal (2016)

Lisbon, Portugal (2016)

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Dope Women Bloggers Discuss the Importance of Black Travel (Huff Post)

“The production of traditional mass media in the United States was, and still is, controlled by a select few wealthy [white] men with economic pull. Luckily, as a direct result of the internet, the presence of bloggers and global nomads in the digital space is growing exponentially; this also means that those who are historically underrepresented have control over their representation more so than before.

In the age of heightened awareness and pride in Blackness, content creators are entertaining and inspiring audiences to become more globally connected and “woke.” Here are a few content creators (in no particular order) who discuss the resilience of traveling while Black.”

My Swedish Boyfriend with a Girlfriend (Shut Up and Go)

“I often find myself in situations where I am being seduced by extremely attractive foreign men. As someone who romanticizes the idea of leaving Connecticut and living an international love story, I am definitely not complaining.

Two years ago, I had been studying in France for six months. At this point of the semester, I needed a break from all of the damn riots and protests happening in France. Also, I had absolutely no luck with French boys, so my friend Lani and I booked a flight to Sweden. I was on a hunt for my Swedish pop queen Lykke Li and, maybe, a man.

While in Sweden, I finally found a boy that I liked! But, what happens when you’re in line for the bathroom and someone taps your shoulder and asks, “Why are you with my boyfriend?”

San José, Costa Rica – The Often Overlooked City (HuffPost)

"Coffee Culture: For most [me], the main attraction in San José is the cafés. Cafés usually evoke a grey, yet enticing Parisian air, but San José jumbles up this classic vibe. The coffee shops here are often full of color, cozy décor, and welcoming faces.

Even as a nation that exports the majority of its coffee beans to other parts of the world, Costa Rica does not fall flat of having affordable and tasty coffee for their locals and visitors. There are plenty of places to choose from in San José: Café MielBúlai, Café y Repostería Artesanal, or various local joints on the side of the street. And for those who are only content with iced grande caramel macchiatos, San José has plenty of Starbucks!"

Life After Graduation: How to Work Abroad and Pay Off Student Loans (HuffPost)

"Unfortunately after graduating, American college students are bombarded with the cultural expectation of becoming minions in the capitalistic, fast-paced, and consumerist environment of The United States, whereas students abroad are often urged to travel and to experience other cultures. In return, these travel opportunities allow international students to explore their identities in a changing world. The main reason for this cultural difference is financial; many students in The United States graduate with an absurd amount of loan debt. The troubling reality for most Americans is a lack of financial resources and/or knowledge about global opportunities; therefore, travel is an overlooked option. In addition, the necessity of finding a job is fierce due to student loan payments kicking in six months after graduation. Fortunately, there is a solution! Here are three post-graduation opportunities that allow Americans to travel, make money, and take care of financial burdens back in The States."

How I Traveled to 17 Countries During College (Shut Up and Go)

“I graduated high school with $70 in my bank account and one travel experience.

I graduated college with $200 in my bank account and over a dozen travel experiences.

As you can see, I’m still broke, but at least I’ve had some dope opportunities to frolic around the world! During my four years at a small, liberal arts school in Westchester, NY, I would often get asked, “So, how do you travel so much?” This question was usually followed by a raised eyebrow and an uneasy glance. I’m sure that most of my classmates thought that I was throwin’ it back for some sugar daddy for a payment fee of two Jet Blue flights per transaction. Ugh… I wish it had been that easy.

Although that would’ve been the ideal situation, I had to work, research, and hustle to create the life that I wanted to live. Here are a few tips, for students and recent graduates, who are trying to navigate being an exhausted student and a part-time vagabond or vag-hoe-bond (your choice)…”